Custom Bikes for Clean Riding

Josh Veiths has been a bike lover all his life and an avid motorcycle rider.

“The first time I jumped on an e-bike, I was blown away. I had the same feeling I have when I ride my Harley.”
-Josh Veiths-

Thus, Criminal Cycles was born. We saw that there was a lack of cool cruisers and custom bikes, and we were determined to fix that. Josh set forth to design and build the meanest, baddest e-bikes in North America.

We’re creating a clean way to get around while still looking good. With more than 30 years of experience in cruisers and e-bikes, we know how to build one that you’ll be proud to ride wherever you go. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and have a blast while doing it.

The Look You Love

Kustom Kulture has a special place in our hearts. Criminal Cycles was born out of the Hot Rod culture of the 1960s and is proud to pass that aesthetic on to new generations with our custom cruisers, e-bikes, and more. You’ll make heads turn whenever you ride.